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It Starts With Network Visibility

Offering Forensic Network Analysis, Troubleshooting Services, and Network Visibility Equipment

Proftiap IOTA

It Starts With Network Visibility

Offering Forensic Network Analysis and Troubleshooting Services

The IT Professionals You Can Always Count On

Packet Guru offers forensic network analysis, network troubleshooting, and protocol analysis training.   

We resell Profitap network visibility equipment in North America, so our customers can have network visibility to their interesting traffic.

You will find our prices very competitive, and we have Profitap equipment IN STOCK.

The Standard in Protocol Analysis

The Standard in Protocol Analysis

What We Do

Our network packet brokers can optimize traffic and turn raw data that has been gathered into actionable data. This, in turn, decreases the overall bandwidth usage and ensures the optimal operation of connected performance and security tools.

Our Partnership With Profitap

If you need to obtain traffic of interest or need help designing a methodology for capture, we can support you. Getting the right packets from the right places within the network is important; luckily, our partnership with Profitap will make this job easier.

We work exclusively with Profitap and their solutions in order to bring network visibility to our clients all over America. As a partner and reseller, we are your one-stop shop for network visibility products and protocol analysis solutions.

Why You Need Our Services

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) Optimization

Profitap’s traffic capture and analysis solutions streamline and speed up MTTR. These tools help make remote network analysis, catching intermittent issues, digging through copious amounts of data, and other analyst’s tasks easier.

Network Performance and Cybersecurity Fortification

A solid network traffic visibility is essential in finding cybersecurity and performance issues. Our solutions help ensure the quality delivery of data from physical and virtual infrastructures without impacting your network’s speed, operations, and online safety.

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