In-Depth Network Analysis and Troubleshooting Processes

Discover the innovative systems that combine test access point (TAP), storage, and analysis capabilities.  Our IOTA solutions can be used in small to midsized enterprises, remote sites, small data centers, and more.

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What Is IOTA?

This full network capture and analysis solution is a versatile, integrated, portable or rack-mount  device, that gives detailed infrastructure traffic visibility. It enables you to obtain historical and real-time data without jeopardizing your network security and performance.

Profitap IOTA

Systems Offered

Harness the network analysis and troubleshooting power of any of the following IOTA systems for your specific needs:

  • IOTA

  • IOTA 1G

  • IOTA 1G+

  • IOTA 10G

  • IOTA 10G+

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