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With over 20 years of Protocol Analysis experience, was designed to provide forensic network analysis, and the equipment to do it, to companies who want to strengthen their security, resolve applications, performance or network issues, have access to their network packets, or need protocol analysis support.

Having access to the network packets you need to inspect your interesting traffic is critical.   With so many possible network designs and heterogeneous networks, getting the visibility to the packets of data that need analysis is always one of the key factors in finding the interesting issues. From general network traffic analysis, specific traffic problem determination, or first responder tools for cybersecurity, Packet Guru can help.

If you need to get the interesting traffic, or need help designing a capture methodology, we can also help. Getting the right packets from the right places within the network is critical.  As an authorized Profitap Reseller for North America, we can help you with design and configuration, and get you the equipment you need.

A little about Profitap®

Profitap manufactures all their own products in-house at their facility in France, and they’ve been in the business for over 30 years. Profitap also supports all their own devices in-house and are a Globally respected organization. They make TAPS, Packet Brokers, and capture/analysis/visibility sensors. Their sensor, the IOTA, won Best of Show at INTEROP.

Packet Guru® exclusively resells Profitap equipment to bring network visibility and analysis to customers in North America. As a Profitap partner and reseller, Packet Guru is your one-stop shop for network visibility products and protocol analysis services.