In-Depth Network Analysis and Troubleshooting Processes

Discover the innovative system that connects via USB 3.0 to your PC and captures direct to your hard drive. Our Profishark solutions can be used in small to midsized enterprises, remote sites, small data centers, and more.

What Is Profishark?

This portable network capture and analysis solution.  It is a versatile, integrated, and portable device that allows packet capture direct to your PC attached hard drive, or a USB attached NAS.  With optional GPS/PPS satellite hardware timestamping option, and advanced filtering of your interesting traffic.

Profitap Profishark

Systems Offered

Harness the packet capture capability of Profishark.  Includes device management software, USB 3.0 cable.  Powers up from USB POE or ac adapter.  

  • Profishark 100M

  • Profishark 1G

  • Profishark 1G Plus

  • Profishark 10G

  • Profishark 10G Plus

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