Packet Slicing, GTP IP Filtering, Timestamping

The Profitap X2-2000G is a Next-Generation Network Packet Broker with a total throughput of 2 Tbps. It offers an extensive set of features, such as packet slicing, GRE de-tunneling, VXLAN de-tunneling, ERSPAN de-tunneling, and timestamping.

X2-2000G NGNPB provides aggregation, replication, powerful filtering and load balancing in very high bandwidth port monitoring and analysis scenarios. The processing of these features is done at wirespeed in the data plane; data does not have to be forwarded to a co-processor, resulting in no added latency. X2-2000G also features non-conflicting rules creation, meaning all rules are active in parallel with each other, which ensures no conflict between new and existing rules can happen and saves time setting up new rules.

Network Packet Brokers optimize the performance of network analysis and security tools by delivering filtered traffic of interest, helping you solve application performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot problems on the network.

1 year warranty & software maintenance included

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